2008 Use this kind of Sky     www.usethiskindofsky-project.com
2007 Escaping without leaving

Artists Tuesday Talk
Cornerhouse, Manchester
  /Seconds  issue 004 Online publishing project
Issue: Evil
2006 Merz= Vorarlberger Nachrichten  15th-16th July
review by Ariane Grabher
  Merz= Vorarlbereger Tageszeitung Kultur 22nd July
Review by Ulrike Breit           
  Merz= Art Magazine Sept 1  review
  Merz= catalogue  Kunstverein Bregenz  Austria
ISBN 3-86588-294-3
Text by Andre Brade  p.28
  Generator 1&2 New International Curatorial Research publication
West Midlands
ISBN 1-873352-49-2
Text by Paul Eachus
Text by Peter Lewis
  Strangers with Angelic Faces catalogue Akbank Centre  Istanbul   Turkey
text by Andre Brade
  Strangers with Angelic Faces Forum Diplomatic review May 20th-21st
  Strangers with Angelic Faces Plato Contemporary Art Magazine issue 4
Text by Ali Akay
  Strangers with Angelic Faces Gunluk Ekonomi Gazete review
Text by Asli Saglam
  /Seconds  issue 002            Online publishing project 
Use this kind of Sky
  /Seconds  issue 002            Online publishing project 
Paul Eachus 7 Photoworks +1
  NY Arts Magazine Art/Futures 05  July/August 06
Review by Nicola Heller
2005 Ueber Beauty            www.ueber-beauty.com
Beauty & Trauma  6 images
  Miser & Now  issue 007 Use this kind of Sky  Keith Talent Gallery
Images p.52/53
  University of The Arts, London The Art Collection  publication
Subject to Endless Gossip image
  Art Fairs International Review by Art/Futures 05
2004       No Pre ,No Con, Galeria Moriarty, Publication
Text by Manuel Saiz
  No Pre, No Con, Review El Cultural 21 - 27 Oct 04 p.29 Madrid
By Abel H. Pozuelo
  Subject to Endless Gossip Zitty Magazine 12/2004 p.76 Berlin
By Anja Osswald
  Subject to Endless Gossip www.undo.com
images  with text by Andre Brade
  Subject to Endless Gossip www.likeyou.com
Images with text by Andre Brade
  Subject to Endless Gossip          www.lachambre.com
Images with text by Andre Brade
  Subject to Endless Gossip       www.kunstaspekte.de/index
Text by Andre Brade
  Miser & Now issue 002                        Unplumbed at Keith Talent Gallery
2003 Paul Eachus                      text by Michael Geyersbach (unpublished)
trans. from the original German
2002 Time Out            Time Out 1675 review by David Gleeson
p.58  Wait for Me
  Arty Magazine Arty 8 Magazine review by CBH
Wait for Me
  Wait for Me            www.wait-for-me.com
Image and artist’s text
2000 Musee Imaginaire            CD-Rom catalogue (Museum of Installation)
  Fly in the Kitchen            CD-Rom catalogue  Lightbomb/Wilma Gold Gall)
1999 Der Lachein der Forsythie            publication by Geyersbach & Geitel
ISBN 3-00-005276-3
Text by Kai Uwe Schierz
1998  20/20 catalogue text by Stephen Williams
  Art Monthly Art Monthly N0 217 review by David Burrows
Critical Intervention-Evil  John Hansard gallery
  With Out catalogue
Images and text by Paul Eachus
1996            The Echo 22/8 exhibition review by Jeremy Miles
  Divers Memories catalogue
text by Chris Dorsett and John Hyatt
ISBN  1900000011
  Interpretive/Interruptive            publication
text by Helen Coxall
ISBN 0-905173-06-6
1995            The West Australian            review by Ron Banks
Erasure/but what if
Perth Institute of Contemporary Art
1993 Via Regia 1/11 ‘93 Versteinerung 1V  text by K. Ruschkowski
  Via Regia 1/11 ’93 Versteinerung 1V text by Helen Coxall
  Dasein in Grenzland            catalogue
texts by Thomas Seidel and Paul Eachus
  Kabale und Liebe catalogue
text by Andrea Dietrich
  Weimar Kultur No:5 Kabale und Liebe  
review by Andrea Dietrich          
1992            Weimar Kultur No 4            Standing in the Firebreak           
Review by Frank Motz
  MDR Radio Dresden interview with Thomas Kalusa
Standing in the Firebreak
  Rock Radio Berlin interview with Roland Schneider
Standing in the Firebreak
1991            Weimarer Allgemeine             review for  Grenzlander
  Thuringer Allgemeine             review for  Grenzlander
  Tagespost             review for  Grenzlander
1990            Arts Review            review by Andrew Cross
Nature After Nature
  Artscribe International no:83 review by Margaret Garlake
Nature After Nature